RxIt Nations Series 2014 - 05 Nov to 26 Nov


The RxIt Nations Series 2014 (previously RxIt Summer Series) is an online competition consisting of 3 WOWs (workout of the week) to be performed over a period of 3 weeks from 5 November to 26 November 2014. The RxIt Nations Series 2014 sees its borders expand to include Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK. Other regions may enter but will not be eligible for prizes. Entry is US$30.

Each entrant goes into the draw to win a trip for 2 to the Reebok CrossFit Games 2015!

The first 1,000 entrants will receive a RxIt Nations Series t-shirt from Reebok, delivered to their box. Additionally, the first 150 boxes to sign up will receive a limited edition mystery product for the coaches.

The RxIt Series of online competitions are now in its second year of operation and once again expanding its borders. We have learnt a lot about hosting such a series and will continue to provide a high level of service. The inaugural event, only hosted in Africa, registered just short of 1000 athletes from approximately 80 affiliated boxes. The RxIt Winter Series 2014 expanded to include Australia and New Zealand, expanding to 1600 entries from 150 different boxes.
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Each WOW offers 4 different levels of movement and/or weight. The competitor can choose at which level to complete the workout. The competitor can also choose a different level each week. This rewards strengths, exposes weaknesses and enables everyone to compete at a level which is challenging for them. Ranking will firstly be based on level and then scoring for the workout.

The workouts will be announced each week on Wednesday at 6am Johannesburg / 2pm Sydney / 4pm Auckland / 4am London with a full description and video demo available of each movement and its required standard. Once the WOW has been released, competitors can start submitting their scores. All scores will immediately be live on the leaderboard but will require a box owner to validate it before the cut off on Monday at 1pm Johannesburg / 9pm Sydney / 11pm Auckland / 11am London.
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Video Validation

Those competing in the Rx level and Masters (40+) that finish in the top 10 each week must video record each workout and submit it with their scores. Failing to do so will result in a penalty and possibly even a 0 (zero) score for the workout. If it is found that standards are not met, RxIt reserves the right to zero a score, disqualify a competitor from the competition and/or exclude the participating box from the competition. Integrity is the foundation of this sport and RxIt will not tolerate cheating.
The standards for video submissions will be:
1. Recorded in landscape
2. Competitor to state name, box, workout and date
3. Competitor, timer and equipment to remain in view at all time
4. No one to touch the equipment or timer during the WOD
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Terms and Conditions

Click here to download the full terms and conditions for participation in the RxIt Nations Series 2014.
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WOW 1.1
6min ROUNDS COMPLETED of Rx: 10m Handstand Walk, 10 Power Cleans (60/40kg); L1: 40 Wall Climbers, 10 Power Cleans (50/30kg); L2: 20 Wall Climbers, 10 Power Cleans (40/25kg); L3: 4 Wall Walks, 10 Power Cleans (30/20kg)

WOW 1.2
Time taken to complete 2 ROUNDS on WOW 1.1

WOW 1.3
2min AMRAP Kettlebell Snatch (Rx Full Snatch 24/16kg, L1 Power 24/16kg, L2 Power 16/12kg, L3 Power 12/8kg)

WOW 1.4
2min AMRAP Rx: Double Unders; L1 Single Unders

WOW 2.1
4min Max cumulative weight ground to overhead with min 5kg increment

WOW 2.2
5min AMRAP

WOW 3.1
WOW 3.1

WOW 3.2
WOW 3.2